Frameless Glass Wall / Glass Door . Fire Resistant Glass Floor


Protecting lives and properties

The substantial use of glass in modern architectures has led to the popularity of using fire resisting glass wall for fire compartments. Not only does it provide internal comfort by allowing more light to shed on the room but it is also critical in providing a safety barrier to limit the spread of fire and hot smoke. It will, therefore, be our "Contraflam" series of fire resisting glass wall has been specifically designed to satisfy these stringent requirements while keeping the vision clear.

Frameless Fire Glass Door

Harbour City


Fire Test in Hong Kong

As a fire specialist in HK, we normally operate over 10 fire tests per year.
Providing different fire solutions for our clients.

FIRST of its kind fire resisting curtain wall system in Asia

Project: Shanghai Commericial Bank HQ, Hong Kong


logistic team

With over 50,000 square ft of logistic control centre and fleet of more than
11 trucks, we are able to perform complex duties like inventory management, storage in transit, packing & unpacking etc. to the all needs of a project.

Glass Installation by Robot

We provide innovative solutions to our clients, in order to assist them in reaching their material handling goals safely and ahead of schedule.

Here is an advance glass installation machine which is powerful to handle loads of any composition.

Framesless / Aluminum Framed Fire Glass Door

Framesless / Aluminum Framed Fire Glass Wall

Fire Resistant Glass Floor

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